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Apple iPad Mini 1-3rd Generation Screen Repair Service (Black/White)


Did your little angel of a child drop your iPad while they ran across a marble floor, did you drop it on the way to work or did you for some reason put it under your truck tire and then ran it over?  Whatever the reason for breaking your iPad glass screen, we can put a new one on for you.  Please feel free to share the story of how your device broke as we're always interested in hearing it happen and waiting for that new story that we haven't heard before (we still haven't fixed any broken iPads that have been dropped out of planes, smashed over another siblings head as your two non-violent children as you watch wresting (and you thought they weren't paying attention.

All joking aside, every iPad mini repair comes with a full 2 year warranty so if the touch screen suddenly stops working or doesn't work the way it should, bring it back as you're covered under the strongest guarantee in all of Barrie and the surrounding area.  Even if your corners are bent, we'll fix that and won't charge extra, only one time have we had to turn away a customer who got his iPad run over by a truck and it needed a new frame that would of added a lot to the repair cost. 

Repairs are available in Black or White, 7 days a week.  90% of all iPad mini repairs will be ready the following day after 1:30.  Emergency repairs or out of town visiting repairs can be done in 2 hours by appointment.

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