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The Story...

The Story

My name is Marc Anderson and I fix phone, tablets and sometimes doorbells...well maybe not the doorbell part as my father fixed that last time he was up to visit but everything else relating to mobile devices I can fix.

I've been fixing devices for since 2013 when I started fixing my own broken iPod Touch.  From this experience, it seemed like something I'd like to do in my spare time so the next thing that I did was throw up a website.  The first website was just a template I got with my website hosting provider that I used to see if other people in Barrie would be in need of mobile device repair services.  From this first website developed a business into what you see today.  If somebody just got a new screen installed on their phone, odds are that it was me who fixed it. 

My Family

If you haven't already guessed, I operate out of my home.  I love being able to work out of my home and be here with my two sons (5 and 1) and my beautiful wife, Alysia.  In the picture above, is my 5 year old son Daniel and I.  My other son is Luke and if he's awake he'll venture to the door to greet you, he won't say very much but he will look cute and put a smile on your face.

Thank You

I love living in Barrie and would like to thank every customer both past and present for trusting me with your mobile device.   I know how your device is a very personal thing, so I'll treat your device with care and the attention that it deserves plus get it back to you as quickly as possible.