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Why Choose for your Barrie Cell Phone Repair Needs?

Barrie Cell Phone Repair 

Not sure about choosing to fix your iPhone, iPad, Samsung or LG mobile device?  Read below to see why you should choose us to fix your device. 

But just a quick warning before you bring your phone to get fixed, if you're just interested in the cheapest price and don't care about quality, a warranty or getting your device fixed at midnight because you must absolutely, positively have it back for the following day, we'll be the first to tell you that we're not the right repair place for your device (and yes, we can do extremely late night repairs for those in need of such a service - just give us a quick call/email to make sure it's possible).  So if the above doesn't apply to you and you're not interested in a quality part or a warranty, send us an email and we'd be happy to direct you to another repair place more suitable to your needs.

Lowest Price in Barrie *Not Guaranteed* doesn't price match or even have the lowest prices in town (heck, we're probably on the higher side of repair prices).  You bought a high end phone because you wanted the best quality money could buy, so why would it be any different when getting it fixed.  You're not going to put $10 tires on your car no matter how much they're advertised as 'quality tires', why would it be any different for a repair.  If you're paying half as much as what we charge, you're likely getting half the warranty, half the quality and half the durability.  Any repair place charging you rock bottom prices will fail to mention that your new (non) apple iPhone screen will break easier (both glass and durability/stability of product), consume more power, have washed out and diluted colours and depending on the quality be less responsive and slower to touch than your old screen.  

Cell Phone Repair in Barrie

In order to provide Barrie and area residents/businesses with the best possible repair and warranty, we will never ever price match any competitor.  We'd rather go out of business before we ever price match a competitor because we care about each customers experience.  We will never have the lowest prices (guaranteed to always be true) but we will always use the best quality parts and provide a warranty that actually means something when you have a problem.  

Checkout our Google reviews for and show your support for awesome, fantastic, wonderful experiences by choosing your next repair with us.  

2 Year Warranty - Choosing the Best Phone Repair Place in Barrie is the only cell phone repair shop in the Barrie area brave enough to offer you a 2 year warranty on all part installs (unless otherwise stated). While you'll always get the best possible parts installed on your phone, it may break or stop working but you won't have to worry with a warranty as long as the one given by You can sleep well at night knowing that all of our installs come with a 2 year warranty (unless otherwise stated) so if something does go wrong with your repair bring it back free of charge and you'll have your phone back in no time at all. The warranty does not include damage to the phone due to dropping, liquid damage or any unreasonable wear and tear.


Only the Best Parts - Screen Repair Barrie

You can always trust to buy the best parts available for all Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Google Pixel, Motorola, .  There are many different types of quality available to buy so make sure to ask any repair shop who you contact if they buy the best possible parts.  A lot of the time, repair shops will have much cheaper prices then us which is easily possible by buying cheaper lower quality parts.  The vast majority of customers will never know the quality of the part but at we'll know and we will never use second rate junk on your device...never...ever...ever.  And, if you ever do have a problem with your repair, we have a 2 year limited warranty (basically if you didn't drop it on the ground or in water, we'll fix it and get your device back to you in no time at all).


Local to Barrie - Local to You - Cell Phone Repair Barrie, Ontario

Barrie is a great place to live, so when you need to get your device fixed take it to somebody local who you can trust and talk to when you have a problem with your repair or a question about your device.   Even if you don't plan to get anything fixed but have a question about your device, contact us and we'll do our best to help you (We're not just saying this, call us up or email and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have).

Experience in Mobile Repair

While we'll never lie and say we have 10+ years experience of fixing iPhones, Samsungs, LG, Huawei, BlackBerry, Google Pixel (heck, phones as we know them today didn't cost  a couple weeks worth of your paycheque) but we do have several years of experience over many devices to know what we're doing. At we love fixing small things and if we didn't like fixing small things this job could potentially be hell on earth but we do so don't worry you're not paying us to do a job we hate.  Our staff (my wife and I plus two boys if you count them) have multiple devices including iPads, iPods, iPhones, Macbooks and Samsung Tablets so we know what it's like to live without your device working properly.