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Samsung S6 Screen Repair Service (Black/White)


Were you crazy enough to break your Samsung S6.  No matter how you dropped it and broke it, we've heard it all and are here to help get your screen back in working order.  All S6 screen replacements are done using 100% original Samsung parts so you can sleep well at night time knowing that you didn't have some cheap 3rd party part installed on your device. 

Samsung S6 screen replacements are available in black and white plus come with our awesome 2 year warranty.

S6 screens are usually in stock for our customers. 

Payment can be made online or in person upon pickup by cash, debit or credit card.  If you purchase a screen repair online, please contact us to setup a time to drop off your phone otherwise we'll contact you as soon as we check our email.  All repairs come with a 2 year warranty excluding cracking your screen again or from liquid/heat damage.  Screen replacements can usually be done in 2.5 hours for the Samsung S6.

Due to the high cost of parts, please check back again to see if there are any recent price cuts.