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Macbook Air 11" & 13" LCD Repair Service (2010 - Present Models)


Need a new screen put on your Macbook Air 11" or 13"?  Contact today to get your new screen installed.  We have a standard price that covers all models and types since the air was first produced in 2010.

All parts used in the repair are 100% apple new original (unless otherwise stated) and not fakes, knockoffs or cheap garbage that we purchase for a few dollars from a flea market, so you can be rest assured that you'll have the same performance as before plus if you have any problems, you're covered by our 2 year warranty.

Screen Repairs will take between 4-8 business days to repair.

Payment can be made online or in person upon pickup (cash, debit or credit).  If you purchase a screen repair online, please contact us to setup a time to drop off your Macbook Air otherwise we'll contact you as soon as we check our email.  All repairs come with a 2 year warranty excluding cracking your screen again or from liquid/heat/frame damage.  Screen replacements for the Macbook Airs can usually be done in 4-8 business days.