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Apple iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s /SE Screen Replacement Service (Black/White)


Ok, so you dropped your phone, got it ran over by a bobcat (for real?), had a guy at a party bite your phone (how odd), or a dump truck ran over your device (how does that even happen) and now you need a new screen installed.  Now you can take it to a place in Toronto and save a few bucks by getting a really low quality screen installed with a 1 week warranty or you can pay a little more and get a good quality screen installed that comes with a 2 year warranty (just don't be one of those people who drop their phone again or decide to give it a bath in some type of liquid - otherwise it's covered by our 2 year warranty).  Screen repairs generally take 1 hour to complete and up to 2 hours if you need it done during a busy time of the day. 

For those of you wondering if iPhones have really been broken by a bobcat, someone biting a phone and a dump truck, yes these are all true stories of customers explaining how they broke their phone while we tried not to break out in laughter.

Payment can be made online or in person upon pickup.  If you'd like to pay upon pickup after dropping off your device, please complete the checkout process and choose 'Cash on Delivery' to pay upon pickup.  If you purchase a screen repair online, please contact us to setup a time to drop off your phone otherwise we'll contact you as soon as we check our email.  All repairs come with a 2 year warranty excluding cracking your screen again or from liquid/heat damage.  Screen replacements can usually be done in 1 hour.

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